Selling Your Home In The Spring

Dated: April 22 2020

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How to Get Your Home Ready for the Spring Rush

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We've suddenly hit the Spring season, and you know what that means! If you're considering selling your home, now is the time to prepare because buyers are out there and will be knocking on your door in no time. 

Let's go over some simple things you can do to make sure your home sells fast and for top dollar this Spring. 


  • Spring Cleaning: Get that yard cleaned up and increase your home's curb appeal! Do the same inside. Make it at least look like the home is actively organized and always clean. People want to be able to picture themselves living there, and that is what REALLY sells your home. 

  • Freshen the Air: Take advantage of the aromos of Spring and make your home smell like a Bath & Body Works store (Not really, that's too much). Buy some flowery air fresheners or candles, then spray or burn them several hours before homebuyers arrive, so it won't smell like you are trying to cover something up! 

  • Waterworld 2019: Our homes take a beating over the wintertime. Break out the hose and spray off your sidewalks, porches, foundation and even vinyl siding. Even a little bit of water can go a long way towards making your home appear worth what your listing it for. 

  • Detail Checking: Have a friend, or better yet one of the expert agents at Abrams Realty, come visit for a fresh perspective on your home and all of the details that a homebuyer might notice. This will prepare you to sell your home without any hang ups or home inspection concerns from homebuyers, and also helps you get the full asking price or close to it, usually. You don't want people to leave a showing with concerns over small things (that can be easily corrected) on their mind. If they do, then they might just buy the hose up the street that's move-in ready. 

  • Contact a Local Real Estate Agent: Get in touch with a professional real estate agent from a local brokerage. They will know the area, know the buyer mindset, and have all of the information and resources you need to price and sell your home this Spring. 

A little extra effort up front will pay off big time when selling your home this Spring. And the right help, from a locally and nationally-awarded brokerage like Abrams Realty, will  help you seal the deal. 

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