Breakfast On The South Side

Dated: 05/02/2020

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Give me breakfast for any meal of the day. Early morning, brunch, brinner, afternoon snack, you name it. I dig breakfast.

I generally do my own cooking, but since I cannot come to everyones house and cook for you, I decided to give you my top breakfast eateries on the south side.

These are in no particular order, and the price points vary drastically.

Bay Local

Bay Local has two locations, one on Shore Dr., the other on Laskin Rd. I prefer the one on Laskin Rd. as it is has more space, and I can get in and start eating faster than I can at Shore Dr. but outside of that, there is no difference in the two. They have a wide-ranging menu that covers everything from crab bennies to power bowls, and everything that I have had off of it is OUTSTANDING. Be advised, their portions are HUGE. When my wife and I go, we decide on one dish and split it. Great value and excellent service make this one of our faves.

Hair of the Dog

Another local outlet with a couple of locations. One is on VB Blvd in VB, another is on Granby in Norfolk, and the third is on Hampton in Norfolk near ODU. Great place that will recommend beers to go with your breakfast. And who doesn't like a breakfast beer? This is another place where the portions are large My go-to meal here is the chicken and waffles. My wife goes straight for the shrimp and grits. Their seafood omelet is also wonderful. 

Irwins Pharmacy

Simple food, low prices, great staff and breakfast is served in a circa 1957 drug store soda counter. Fantastic basic breakfast and for the money, it cannot be beaten.

The Bee and the Biscuit

WAY off the beaten path, but worth every extra minute that it takes to get there. The absolute BEST cinnamon rolls in Hampton Roads and a menu that includes a breakfast burrito called the Dirty Hippie. The friendliest staff that I have run across in a long while makes this place a must-do. 

Duck Donuts

Duck has multiple locations, and if you like donuts that are made fresh for you with custom toppings that you pick for yourself, then Duck Donuts is for you. I highly recommend the maple bacon. Excuse me, but I have to run over to the one on Battlefield, as it is the nearest to me. BRB.

Doc Taylors

Basic food done right with an early morning happy hour. My kind of place. It makes the list simply because everything about it says Virginia Beach. It is on the oceanfront, the food isn't pretentious, the people-watching is excellent, and the prices are reasonable.

Others that I like are The Egg Bistro, D'Cracked Egg, Citrus, Commune, Ricks and Big Sams.

Happy breakfasting!!!

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