Virginia Beach Holiday Parade at the Beach: A Spectacular Celebration of the Festive Season!

Dated: December 1 2023

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Prepare to be enchanted by a vibrant and spectacular event right in the heart of Virginia Beach on Saturday, December 2! Mark your calendars for the highly anticipated Holiday Parade at the Beach, a cherished celebration that promises to illuminate Atlantic Avenue with over 100 magnificent parade units, marking the arrival of the joyous holiday season.

Saturday, December 2
Atlantic Avenue from 15th-25th Streets

This extraordinary spectacle will immerse spectators in a world of wonder, featuring an impressive array of giant balloons, enchanting marching bands, dazzlingly illuminated floats, graceful equestrian units, heroic fire trucks, captivating dance ensembles, spirited motorcyclists, and so much more. The combined energy and artistry of these diverse parade units will weave together a tapestry of entertainment, creating an unforgettable experience for revelers of all ages.

As if the extravaganza weren’t magical enough, the highlight of the evening will undoubtedly be the arrival of the one and only Santa Claus! Santa himself will grace the event, spreading warmth, cheer, and festive greetings to his eager and enthusiastic fans along the parade route.

So, gather your loved ones and join the merriment along Atlantic Avenue, as the Holiday Parade at the Beach transforms the streets into a wondrous celebration that captures the true essence of the holiday spirit in Virginia Beach. This is an event not to be missed—a spectacular evening filled with joy, enchantment, and the magic of the season!

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