Retiring 3 Reasons Why Virginia Beach Should Be One Of Your Top Choices

Dated: April 22 2020

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Preparing for your retirement can be an exciting, but overwhelming, period of life. Not only will you have more time and energy to spend on the things you really love, but you will also have the opportunity to pick up and call a new city home. If Virginia Beach isn’t already on your shortlist, it needs to be added. 


Virginia Beach boasts 38 miles of coastline and temperate climate - making the city a happy and comfortable place for retirees to call home. According to Bankrate, Virginia Beach is#20 on the listof top places in the US for retirement based on a variety of factors beyond the fun and sun, including a verylow cost of living, a low crime rate, and a low tax rate.


More than a quarter of Virginia Beach’s population is comprised of adults older than 55 years. These older adults include lifelong residents, recent retiree transplants, and many others in between. Considering becoming a part of this happy town? Here are just a few reasons why Virginia Beach is an ideal location for you to spend your golden years. 

1. Virginia Beach is Home to Many Fun Activities


With retirement comes a newfound opportunity to focus on the things that make you happy - and Virginia Beach has no shortage of fun things to do. 


The Atlantic Ocean is, of course, a huge draw to the area and a major source of entertainment for everyone that lives in Virginia Beach. The boardwalk and beach are lively almost year-round, although the city sees its biggest jump in the summer. Annually, Virginia Beach hosts about19 million domestic visitors. You can take a walk along the water, graze on some of the best seafood you can find anywhere in the US, or even just stare out to sea and get lost in your thoughts. The beach is especially serene at night time or early morning. 


Despite its name, Virginia Beach is more than just a beach. Other activities retirees can enjoy here include: historical museums; parks for hiking and walking; and the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center, which offers a discount for seniors older than 62 as well as active or retired members of the military. 

2. Virginia Beach Offers Amazing Healthcare Options


It is not uncommon for retirees to worry about their health - even if it isn’t a major concern right now. For peace of mind, it makes sense to choose a retirement destination where you can access great healthcare if needed.  Luckily, there are many hospitals in the Virginia Beach metropolitan area that rank on theU.S. News list of best hospitals. Virginia Beach residents can rest assured that quality healthcare is close by if and when they need it. Across the state there are 127 primary care physicians per 10,000 residents, which is higher than the national average rate. As an added bonus, prescription drugs are tax-exempt, which can provide huge annual savings for retirees.

3. Virginia Beach is Home To Many Different Senior Living Options


Retirees with all needs and preferences can find a home in Virginia Beach, and it’s important to know that retiring in Virginia Beach doesn’t have to involve actually purchasing a home. There are many different living options available for you to explore, although choosing the most appropriate one will involve evaluating a few different factors in your life. These factors include amenities that are important to you, any mobility concerns you may have or complex health considerations. 


One of the options available to you in Virginia Beach is a retirement community, also commonly referred to as a “55-plus” or “active adult” living community. Retirement communities are an ideal choice for older adults who want to maintain their independence and own property while also having access to amenities and convenient services. Some of these amenities and services include lawn maintenance, fitness centers, pools and community clubhouses. 


If you feel you may have difficulty living fully on your own, you may be better suited for an assisted living facility. There are many top-rated communities in Virginia Beach and 22 others in the surrounding areas. Staff at these facilities are available 24/7 to help you with activities of daily living, such as managing your medications, bathing, preparing meals and keeping up with general housework. Living in an assisted living facility can help bring peace of mind and ensure you have what you need to remain happy and healthy during your Golden Years. 

Ready to Explore Your Options in Virginia Beach?


If you’re ready to take the leap and begin your retirement journey in Virginia Beach, contact Abrams Realty today! We approach every real estate search with an optimistic attitude, ethical professionalism, steadfast belief in our talents, and a determined focus on serving every customer and client to the very best of our ability. We believe in providing exceptional service in all situations, and you can expect the very best from us. We look forward to connecting with you!

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